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Conan O’ Brien talks about his favorite moments on the show and one of them is with Brian Setzer!

Conan O’ Brien talks about his top ten moments on the show in an interview with Vulture. Here is what he had to say:

“No, and Letterman owns Top Ten, so don’t say that to me. But I’m a big Brian Setzer fan, and there was one time he came on Late Night with his entire orchestra and I came down for the run-through. He saw me sitting in the empty Studio 6A and went, “Hey Conan. How’s it going, man? Anything you want us to play?” I’d heard that he did the most amazing version of the Hawaii Five-O theme song. So I’m sitting there like a dick, like Cecil B. DeMille checking out chorus girls, and I say, “How about Hawaii Five-O?” And they go into it with all the modulations and the riffs. It’s incredible that I got to hear that. I also sat down for the run-through when Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys was on and he was like, “Hey man, anything you want to hear?” “Sloop John B.” “Hit it, guys!” I have my flaws, but I don’t take that experience for granted.”

Read the full interview and article here

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